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Friday, August 10th 2012

7:11 AM

Girl young jpg


Related article: Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2007 23:19:22 +0000 From: marcia st.denis Subject: Corruption - Chap 7By Marcia St. Denis Copyright 2007. All rights reserved.I originally wrote this story (with my then co-writer Erica young amateurs girls Wright) - with connoisseurs of erotic transvestite and transsexual fiction, (and your insatiable desire young teenies for the bliss of release), uppermost in my mind. I sincerely hope my tale will bring you repeated pleasure over many sessions. It is why I write and if I have been successful in turning you on and helping you get off I would love to hear from you. It would be encouraging to hear that you enjoyed my rather perverted little world, filled with rather depraved people and sordid behavior. So please do write to me at: marciatvhotmail.com and let me know if you had some nice cums while reading this.Chapter Seven"Yo, Tommy boy! Wha'cha up to? Ain't cha workin' no more? young angels thumbnails S'like you live here dese days, buddy."Tony Zarelli had just slipped into the seat next to Tom free youngest girl in his private booth young jeezy mp3 at the X-Girls Club where, it felt like a life-time ago, Tom had first gone to nurse his anger and pain at having lost the love of his young beautiful princess life: his wife Sarah. But that was so many weeks ago that he'd lost track and since then Tom had discovered pleasures he never knew could possibly exist; pleasures that took him to places he could only dream about in his past life, pleasures that made him forget everything except the pursuit of his next high.... Sexual or chemical. Nothing mattered anymore; not work, not his step-son, not friends, nothing.Tony's club was Tom's new life. It was all he needed and what was inside its walls was all he could think about. In fact, in the past two weeks he hadn't even been home once. He just flew from high to high. He seemed to float through his hotyoungergirls days on a sea with no time, no horizon, no past, no future and the best part was that he didn't give a fuck about a thing..... All he cared about was crawling back to his carpeted office to crash down from his highs and recover from his mind-blowing cums, then wake up, take a shower, get back to the club as soon as it opened for the day, do more lines of coke, find an available hard girl-cock if Sami was off on an outcall, gett off, suck sweet cock, get fucked, do more coke and then crawl back to the office to recover.... Over and over and over again. The pleasure just didn't stop. Day after day.But Tom was also smart enough to recognize that he'd developed a wicked physical addiction to the cocaine Tony kept offering to him and a life-changing addiction to the shemale cock that seemed so easy to find at the club. He knew he had been sucked down into this vortex of filth and corruption and was being set up to be used by Tony and xxx young japanese his backers. But the beauty of the drugs and the sex was that as long as he had access to them, he just didn't give a fuck. All he cared about, all he ever thought about during his waking moments was getting back to the club and those incredible lines of pure white pleasure. And just as important to his self-absorbed search for the highs he needed were the girls he'd found so accommodating and so ready to help him get off; those special girls with their special physical attributes. Girls he never knew even existed in his old life as husband, stepfather, serious Wall Street lawyer and family provider; girls he'd discovered when he had the good luck to stumble into this special club to drown his loss.And the beauty of this place young pree teen was that Tony was such a great friend. He had no idea how he'd been so lucky to find this place and Tony Zarelli but he laughed to himself and his good fortune. Not only did Tony share his cocaine but he couldn't let Tom taste enough of the girls. And there were always new girls showing up. Where the older ones went in order to make room for the new ones Tom wasn't sure but somehow there never seemed to be a shortage of the most exotic creatures he'd ever laid eyes (or hands) on.Tony slipped his arm over the back of the booth bench 16 young fucked and hugged his "den mother" Samantha close to him. Tom said nothing as he watched Tony slide his hand down off Sami's bare, smooth shoulder to the full, ripe breast that was covered by her hot fuchsia pink mini dress. Sami just gazed calmly back into Tom's eyes and slowly rolled hers back into her head as she felt Tony's hand begin to massage her hardening nipple.Tom loved it when Tony would periodically show up and reclaim his rightful ownership over the girls by publicly using or abusing them in ways that left no question about who they belonged to or who held their allegiance. And it seemed to Tom that the more humiliating the act, the more Tony seemed to love it. Tom was a quick study and he'd soon learned that the key to "owning" a lot of these girls was through the abuse that was dished out to them. The more degrading the demand, the more humiliating the words or the acts, the more they seemed to get off on him.Tom was particularly taken this time by Tony's nonchalance and he gazed glassy eyed as Tony slid the top of Sami's dress down beneath her full breast to expose how he was stroking the dark, wide nipple on her incredibly huge tit. Tom broke into a light sweat and felt the old feverish need start growing in his crotch once again. He felt his blood-engorged member get rock hard as he watched his newest best friend begin to pinch Sami's hardened nipple and then pull it out from her body until it couldn't be pulled any tighter. Tom's glance moved to her face and the look of pleasure that transformed her eyes from mildly amused to submissively erotic sent shivers of recognition down his spine and right straight to his cock. He too had recently discovered just how masochistic Sami was beneath her tough, cool, always-in-control exterior and it turned him on to watch Tony mistreat her tit and then hear the first of her moans escape involuntarily from between her smiling lips.He immediately looked down to her lap and began to smile as he watched her tightly closed thighs spread just a little and that telltale bulge begin to grow out from the V of her legs. Yes. These were indeed special girls for very special tastes. And once Tom had tasted the special pleasures they could give sexy young sluts him, he quickly stopped thinking about Sarah.... Or her son Markie.... Or, for that matter, anyone else among his family, former colleagues or circle of friends. In the few weeks since he'd started coming to Tony's place he'd lost all interest in anyone or anything outside of xxx young japanese the Club, the girls, the coke and his own needs."So... like I said, how're ya feelin' Tommy? Pretty good, huh? Hahahaha.... Betcha never thought you Harvard boys needed the kinds of things I got here.... Huh?" Tony Zarelli laughed as he reached down to pull up Sami's hem and expose her gold, see-through boy-cut lacey panties and the huge hardening member they held trapped inside them."She's got a nice one, don't she Tommy? But chu know that, now don cha.... Not only did Sami here take your cherry but she's still your special favorite, ain't she stud? Mmmmmmm... she loves tit abuse young nymphs thumbs don' she? Jus' look at how thick and long her clitty gets when I hurt her.... And I'm thinking... Ya know... it prolly needs to be set free of them little frillies.... Hahahaha... Oh now, don't go and make that face Tommy boy.... I know what you gotta have.... An' don cha worry none. I ain't never said no to you yet, have I Tommy? Huh? I mean, you've always gotten what he need here, haven't cha? Plenty of snow.... plenty of hard cock.... plenty of thick, sticky cum... right? Everything a little faggot suburban Harvard lawyer-boy like you needs, right Tommy?"By this time, Sami had slipped into her special zone where pain turned to pleasure and the pinching of her nipple had reduced her to a quivering mass of sexual need and desire. She turned her face to Tony and began kissing his ear and licking down his throat while her manicured fingers reached up and began unbuttoning his open-necked black silk shirt. She young angels thumbnails had draped one thigh over his and began hunching her cock up against his leg and by the time she got young teen asses his pants open and had snaked out his fat little cock she had begun to beg him to let her "do him"."Oh, Tony....babydoll... you know what Sami likes, don't you huney? Oh yeah.... Hard like that... hurt me Tony.... Make it hurt soooooooooo good sugar..... Let me go down on you baby.... Please? Let your baby go down and take that gorgeous cock of yours right down my throat.... Let me taste your juice, big boy.... C,mon sugar... You know you need to let me get you off, don't you huney-boy.... I know you need it and I know Tommy will love watching me do you.... Won't you, my sweet little bitchboy Tommy???"Tommy could only nod his approval... as if anyone were even paying attention to him. In fact, Tony had taken out his vial of white heaven and Sami had laid out four long lines. Tony was the first to bend over the table top and snort his two lines as Sami followed closely behind. Once they were flying high, Tony returned to her chest and had both tits out and was pulling and pinching both of her nipples. Sami had reached down to pull her dress up over her ass and had pulled down her panties until they were dangling from one ankle. She got up and resettled herself on Tony's lap.Reaching down between her legs, she pulled Tony's hard young banned nude but small cock up between her thighs and reached into her little clutch purse to get her favorite, daiquiri flavored lube. She lubed his darling dick up cute young butt and then positioned herself over him until she had it lined up perfectly with her soft, moist, hungry anal opening. As she settled down onto her owner's prick, Tommy heard her let out a contented sigh and then watched as she began to pump Tony until he couldn't take it anymore. Her thighs were splayed out over his two legs and her own distended, purple tipped, cock was bobbing up and down in full view of Tommy and the rest of the club. Tommy could see and hear her silky smooth, cum-filled balls slap against Tony's each time she bottomed out. The sound her wide, soft, femininely, hormone-enlarged smooth ass made as it slapped against Tony's stomach was insistent. It was a sound Tom had learned to love. It was a rhythmic slapping of flesh against flesh that could only mean someone's cock was plunged in deep.... deep into someone else's ass. It was a sound that made Tommy react like a Pavlovian dog: instinctively, relentlessly, mindlessly, he had to get off too.Although Tommy hadn't benefited from any new coke, he couldn't help but drop down onto his knees and take his lover's cock into his mouth. As she was doing all the work, Tony was nearing his release while Tommy could tell that Sami was about to blow into his own eagerly anticipating mouth. And when he felt her tense and heard her scream out that she was cumming, he felt the first of 7 separate convulsive spurts pushing up her delicious goo from those smooth wrinkled balls into his salivating, young jeezy mp3 hungry, waiting mouth.... Onto his needy, aching tongue.... 7 spurts loading his mouth young angels thumbnails with that salty, sticky, creamy jiz that he had grown to need and love so much. Tony too was blowing his nuts and Tom could see the contractions he was experiencing as his balls moved up and down in his ball sack when he was pumping his seed into her ass-womb.With his mouth full of his darling Sami-girl's tangy slime, Tommy got back onto the bench of the booth and leaned over to kiss Sami. As he did, he felt her open her lips to accept the snowball of her own cum.... And he shuddered as she passed it back to him. Within seconds he couldn't take it anymore and drank every last drop right down into his tummy.Tony looked over with a shit-eating grin on his face and through his slurred speech Tom could barely make out what he was telling him, "Oh fuck Tommy boy... that was fuckin great, ya know? Jus' fuckin' great.... When you picked Sami you picked the best there is, didn't chu?.... Fuck what a depraved fucked up cunt..... I think she'd do anything for some good coke and a hard dick, don chu?... wouldn't chu, babydoll?"Sami looked out through her drug-glazed eyes at Tom and said, young porn thumbnails "So my pretty big baby girl Tommy? Whadya think? Would I? Hahahaha..." and she started laughing to the point that tears came down her cheeks.And with that she stumbled up and over to Tati and Becky, a new girl from Bed-Sty barely 18 (or so she claimed) whose skin was the young hand jobs color of caf^Î au lait and sexy young sluts whose cock was 10 inches in its soft state. Becky reached over and helped Sami adjust her tits back into her dress and helped her stumble over to a bench to lie down and recover. But before she slid those enormous tits back into Sami's tight, pink, low-cut dress, she leaned in to give them a good sucking and a few bites. Becky got off on other tgirls. Yes she fucked the customers, as was expected, but it was the girls she had access to in this place that had brought her to the club and made her want to stay. They were the best looking, hottest, most sexually depraved, most strung out tgirls in the entire city young amateur 03 who would do ANYTHING to get their next line, their next fix, their next high. And here she was, a little black tranny from the ghetto with access to every one of them.Becky had been a young one and special girls like her were not that unusual in the ghetto. The only thing REALLY unusual about her was her age when she first started crossdressing young pretten lesbian and becoming a girl. And at the ripe old age of 13 she discovered just how much she loved young angels thumbnails to suck tgirl tit and girlcock. Coming young banned nude to the X-Girls Club was beautiful young blondes like coming home to paradise for her.Tommy looked at her smooth coffee colored skin and couldn't stop thinking about the trip he was going to take at Tony's request starting in a few days. She looked striking with her dark skin, her blue-tinted contact lenses and her blond streaked hair that cascaded down below her 40DD tits. Tom had decided they were perfect on her as their weight and heft seemed to balance out the size of her enormous cock. And he knew he was being sent to the Dominican Republic to recruit more girls like her. Black and Hispanic girls with huge tits that matched their dicks seemed to be wildly popular at the club. All those married closeted gay white boys from their fancy Wall Street firms seemed to have eyes for no other girls but the young pree teen big, bitchy, dark-skinned ones. And Becky was the most popular of all. Her clear disdain for all men and her openly sadistic need to inflict pain on the ones who came to enjoy her services seemed to be just what they wanted and needed. Tom guessed that they too shared his need to grovel in the slime and filth that this totally corrupt demi-monde brought to them; that it was the humiliation hot young dudes of the sordidness of it all that brought them the satisfaction they craved, the satisfaction their boring, vanilla, oh-so-prissy, debutante, country-club wives could NEVER give them.And what Tom loved even more was how quickly Tony and his cappo would find a way to blackmail these dumb SOBs. It was so clever what they did. young australian girls He really admired their methods: a few pictures, a video tape, a couple of phone calls and an email or two and they had these guys till the end of time. Their young pretten lesbian demands were never so outrageous that the cops would be called. And even more insidious was that the coke and the girls were offered in abundance as a reward for a few points off their trading commissions. And they would just go deeper and deeper into the pleasure Tony offered until their earnings fell and suddenly, the tapes would get mailed and the men would lose all they young hand jobs had: the jobs, the marriages, the memberships to clubs, the houses. Tom counted his blessings that he had skills Tony and those higher up needed.And he was about to be put to the test. While he and another guy named Vince were away, Tony had insisted that Sami go up to the house to watch over Markie. Tom no longer even cared what Sami might do with the boy. In fact, being around Sami might teach the sniveling little Momma's boy a few things about life. He was past caring about that life. All he cared about was his supply of white powder, access to his special girls and the cum he seemed to need to feel normal.Yes, he had a special fondness for Sami but when he was floating on top of the world after doing some lines it seemed that any illegal sex young big-titted girlie boy with a hard cock and a hot load would do...... and his ass started aching with the need to be filled as he sat there and thought about what had become of his life.He got out his glass vile and laid down a few lines and then invited Becky over to share them. She smiled at him and laughed her throaty laugh, got up out of her chair and sauntered over to him. She was wearing a highly ruffled, off the shoulder, puffy sleeved, white chiffon dress with a draping front slit that opened up to the top of her thighs. On her feet were a pair of opened toe white patent leather sling backs with very thin and very high chrome heels. Her long legs were sheathed in cream-colored hose with Cuban heels and reinforced toes that barely let the color brazil young porno of her purple painted toenails come through. She wore colored stone rings on nearly every finger and the nails were long and flawless. Through the chiffon bodice of her low-cut dress were clearly visible the outlines of her large nipple rings poking out from her distended, thumb-sized nipples. She wasn't wearing a bra and the almost midnight blue of her aureoles could be distinguished through the tight gossamer fabric.Her makeup was heavy, her eyelashes long and fake, and her teeth were the whitest Tom had ever seen. She slid into the booth next to him, leaned her body against him and whispered softly into his ear.... "Tommy sugar, sweet little white boy, you know I don't normally go for men, don't you? But somehow you jus' diffrunt from them other assholes... ya know? And huney chile, you turn me on more than any man I've ever known. Why is that babydoll? Hunh? Whachu think? Why does Momma Becky think you're so fuckin cute? Maybe it's the fact that you used to be "The Man' free youngest pics yoself but now you jus a sweet coke-head fuck-boy....""Becky baby, you nigger whore, stop talking and get down to business baby...Here Becky doll, take my straw and come to heaven with Daddy."Becky giggled and took the straw Tom was offering, bent her nose down over the lines he had left for her and snorted them up into her nose."Oh yeah Tommy.... Tha's real good shit... Where you git that shit? Oh Lordy, oh fuck, that makes me so fuckin horny. C'mere and make Momma feel good baby. You got me flyin', now you gotta get me off...."With that she reached into her bodice to haul out her mammoth tits, then grabbed Tommy's head and brought his mouth down onto her distended, pierced, nipples. Tom loved playing with her nipple rings with his tongue while chewing on her fat protrusions."Mmmmm, Tommy boy... you know how that makes me feel, don chu? Yo one nasty bitch ain't chu.... You know that goes right to my cock and gets me all hot and hard and bothered. Here, feel me huney..."Tommy reached down and spread open the soft folds young sex japan of her dress and slid his fingers up over the silky welts of her stockings until he felt the frilly garter straps that held them in place. He never got tired of the feelings that coursed through his body every time he felt women's lingerie and his cock strained against his own pants at the sensuousness of the fabric. His hands moved further up until they met the resistance of her fully packed panties. He had chosen Becky to play with this time because of the sheer size of her tool and he licked his lips in anticipation of how good it would feel sliding up his Hershey highway to do some fudge packing and get him off.Becky's member was only half-hard but already the tip had poked up well past the top edge of her panties. Its size was overwhelming and Tommy felt the physical need to taste it. He loved feeling Becky's natural dominance come through as she pushed his head off her tits and down to her cock and its dripping tip."Suck tha niggah girlcock you white piece of horny trash... you faggot lovin' Daddy.... Tha's right, sweet sugah boy... Slide my panties down and hook em unner my monster ball-sack baby so you kin git to em and suck em... real slow an nice an easy like....""Mmmmm.... Oh yea honky slutboy... Becky loves how you do that.... Ain't no other Daddy love Momma the way you do... suck em boy... an don chu fo'git that drippin clitty neither.... Got that, you dirty fag boy?Tom had managed to suck her balls and cock until it had reached its raging limit: It was curious that in its hardened state it didn't seem young nymphs thumbs to grow all that much and only grew from her flaccid 10 inches to about 12. But it was the girth that was always impressive to any lover of girlcock... Becky's cock was similar to her silicon tits... FAT and BIG and IMPRESSIVE... It was at least as big around as Tom's wrist and it was all Tommy could do to not beg to be fucked by her. Instead he slowly licked off the pre-cum that was running in a constant stream down her pink-headed, dark shafted man-meat while at the same time, rolling her nipples between his fingers and pulling on her nipple rings to distend them out as far as they could go without ripping her flesh.Becky pushed Tom away, slid down onto her back in the booth, reached between them to take her hot young dudes panties off just one leg, brought her thighs up to her tits and said, "Hey you fuckin coke-head junkie... Momma needs fuckin... an she needs it real bad babydoll.... . So you bettah get your white ass up here and git that gorgeous white-man cock outta yo pants and fuck mah brains out.... Yu young celebs naked got that Daddy? Yu gonna be my massah, white boy? bdsm young girls Yu gonnah make yo Becky yo ho? Make me yo lil slave girl ho? Think yo man enuff ta satisy your Becky-girl, babysugah? Think you kin satisfy this niggah girl's needs, darlin white man? Gonna show me what you kin do big massuh boy?"Tom slid his own enormous, bulging-veined, fireman-helmeted dick up to her puckered pink hole and reached down to slip some lube up her chute before sliding home."Oh yesssssssssss... massuh.... I's yo slave girl..... Ain't no other man gimme what you do sugah.... Unh... ooph.... Oh GOD damn... Yo sho knows what ta do with that monster tool yo got.... Oh FUCK.... Do me baby... Do it hard.... Do it long... Oh yea... jus like dat.... Oh fuck faggit... yo getting Momma off babykins.... Oh yea... I gonna shoot..... I be cummin' darlin'.... Yo gonnah get off wit me too?????"Tom felt Becky's black monster begin to throb between their bellies and he thought he was losing his mind when he felt the first little gob of her white slime lubricate his tummy as he humped this living Goddess. Within seconds his own cock was pouring out his seed trying to impregnate her ass-womb. His mind went blank as he felt the morphine of release hit his system. He was such an addict that this euphoric state was all he craved. It was all he needed. It was all he wanted. It was all he could think about getting. Tony had him. Tony had him just where he needed him. Tom knew he was lost. Tom knew he had thrown away all his self-respect, all his past and all of his future to become the coke-head, girlcock addict that he was. Tom knew he had allowed himself to descend down into a level of corruption of body and soul from which he would never recover. From which he never wanted to recover. From which he derived his entire soul's meaning and satisfaction. And Tom loved it.
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